Course Overview

Padhashala's Class VIII Single Subject, Science program has been exclusively designed to provide a sturdy bedrock to the students in the various disciplines of Science. Through a comprehensive plan, the program includes all the essential chapters of organic and inorganic chemistry, biology and environmental studies and physics. The program will ensure that each student gains an in-depth understanding of the laws, principles and theories of the wide array of topics so that they can be well-equipped for the exams. The program would include laboratory experiments, interactive sessions, lectures and online materials to refine their learning process. Padhashala's faculty will also ensure that the coaching methods are engaging enough which would help the students to successfully grasp the subject matter and retain whatever knowledge they have acquired.

Students who can attend

  • Students of Class VII

Benefits of Padhashala’s Class VIII Single Subject: Mathematics

  • Students would get enough opportunity to develop a strong footing in the subject by getting their doubts and queries resolved productively. 
  • The program would comprise laboratory experiments, lectures, interactive sessions, and online materials to upgrade their comprehension skills.
  • The program focuses on imparting holistic learning so that students can effortlessly interpret complex laws and principles and intricate concepts and can also memorise them efficiently.
  • The program will also have science quizzes, mock tests and assessments enabling students to gauge their advancement and identify the areas where there is a lack of clarity and understanding. This predominantly assists the students in mitigating their weaknesses and refining their performances.


  • Online


  • One year

Scholarship Availability

  • Yes

EMI Facility

  • Yes


This program is a comprehensive one that would encompass all the chapters of physics, chemistry, biology and environmental studies. Each and every chapter would be elaborately explained in the classes.

The duration of the program is one year, however, arrangements have been made to provide extra classes to fulfil the personal goals and objectives of each student.

The exceptionally learned and experienced faculty utilises breakthrough and captivating coaching techniques that includes interactive sessions, laboratory experiments, online resources and lectures to ameliorate the learning experience.

Padhashala always believes in maintaining a low student-faculty ratio since that enables the faculty to give personal attention to each and every student.

Course timing

  • time Start-date:  21-03-2023
  • time End-date:  27-03-2024
Fees Name Amount
Admission Fee 0
Course Fees 14,000

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