About Us

India’s most trusted educational platform, ‘Padhashala’ started its journey with the inspiration from Late Radha Gobindo Das. He was a respected teacher in a small town of Bengal. Throughout his life he worked in a remote place in Bengal before independence. He believed in the power of education and worked specially for girl child education before and after independence. To fulfill his dreams his grandson started ‘Padhashala’ to spread education services to the people of India.

The brand name ‘Padhashala’ is derived from Sanskrit. The meaning of ‘Padhashala’ is ‘The center of learning’.

PADHASHALA’ works on merit-based teaching methodology which works on ‘Individual Differences’. It is our USP, which makes us different from the crowd. We always give importance to our student’s comments and reviews. Every quarter we conduct parent – management meeting based on the student’s performance. Then we take necessary action accordingly so that our students get placed in best colleges and Universities.


We aspire to deliver best education to our students around the globe and want to become a household name.


Padhashala aims to become the most trusted educational name globally.

Core Values

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    Do your Research

    We believe that knowledge is power and challenge ourselves to be lifelong learners.

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    Move the Line

    We challenge ourselves and push our own boundaries daily.

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    Start Simple

    Don’t worry about having all the answers, just get started.

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    We win with Diversity

    We value each one of our unique experiences and how they shape us. We learn from all to build for all.

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    See the Circle

    We acknowledge that each one of us play an integral role in the company’s success.

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    Act like an Owner

    Move forward with purpose and discover the future.

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    Pull the Wagon

    Each one of us is willing and ready to do whatever it takes to move the company forward.