Course Overview

The single-subject plan for English is one of the finest programmes offered by Padhashala. The student can gather a wide range of knowledge in terms of attaining interactive classes which will enhance their grammatical as well as linguisticknowledge. All the literature under the syllabus will be covered with different lecture sessions. Apart from this, the homework assignments are also effective for enhancing the concepts of the students regarding English.

Students who can attend

  • Students of class VI

Benefits of Padhashala’s single subject plan (CLASS VII)

  • The individual needs of the students will be met in terms of joining this course. The students can understand their areas of improvement after the completion of each assignment.
  • The experienced and highly qualified faculties are effective in improving the knowledge of the students by providing deep knowledge regarding the subject.
  • The programme also includes regular assignments along with mock tests to determine the status of the development of the student in terms of finding out their key development areas.
  • The overall academic performance of the student will be improved after joining the single-subject plan of Padhashala.


  • Online


  • 1 year

Scholarship Availability

  • No

EMI Facility

  • Yes


A wide range of subjects is taught under this single-subject plan including English.

The duration of the programme is flexible. The students can customise the programme according to their specific needs to fulfil their academic goals. The programme also gives emphasis on the individual requirements of the students.

Yes, the programme provides personalised attention to each student. The students can ask questions to the faculties to clear their doubts. The individual areas of improvement are also given preference in this programme.

The faculties generally use innovative teaching techniques in terms of using hands-on activities and interactive lectures which are effective for the students to capture the knowledge regarding the subject and retain the information in a better way.

Course timing

  • time Start-date:  01-04-2023
  • time End-date:  09-04-2024
Fees Name Amount
Admission Fee 0
Course Fees 14,000

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