Course Overview

This course is designed to provide a strong understanding for the students on the subject of mathematics. It helps and guides a student through different topics of the syllabus in Class 5. the program of effective teaching methods such as interactive sessions, hands-on approaches and so on that improves the learning experience of the learner. This program's subject plan focuses highly on mathematics. The learner is well prepared for their exams by providing them with effective study materials and practice regimes that help them in solving complex questions effectively. 

Students who can attend

  • This course is applicable to class V students

Benefits of Padhashala’s single subject plan (CLASS VI)

  • The program provides online resources such as study materials, practical assignments and interactive learning that help students in gaining a better understanding of the mathematical concepts.
  • This program is designed with comprehensive lectures that are easily understandable for class 5 students.
  • Through hands-on activity and practical assessments, the students are able to understand complex mathematical concepts and retain information better.
  • It allows students to gain an understanding of the way of solving Complex mathematics problems easily.
  • The program also has different online resources that can be used from anywhere at any time.
  • The program also has seen supporting different needs of a student and providing a match to their learning style.


  • Online


  • 1 year

Scholarship Availability

  • No

EMI Facility

  • Yes


The duration of the course is 1 year. The program is also flexible and easily customized in order to meet individual requirements in order to reach specific needs and goals.

Yes, the lectures are easier to understand for a class 5 student. The lectures are designed to be highly comprehensible to improve the learning experience and keep the students engaged in their studies. The program also provides a practical Regime that helps students in solving Complex mathematical questions easily through practicing.

Yes, the program allows students to directly interact with the faculty or the teachers. This is highly beneficial for them to clear the doubts and ask questions about the topic.

You can apply for the course from the official website of Padhashala.

Course timing

  • time Start-date:  01-04-2023
  • time End-date:  01-04-2024
Fees Name Amount
Admission Fee 0
Course Fees 14,000

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