Course Overview

The main motive of the courses designed for the students is to excel in both subjects by creating a foundational base. The course is designed in such a way that interactive learning will take place, learning resources are being provided as well as periodic tests are held in order to provide success in all the subjects that they are learning. The course design covers the class IX dual subjects, considering science and math’s subjects mainly. 

Students who can attend

  • Class VIII students are eligible to attend the course

Benefits of Padhashala’s Dual Subject Plan (Class IX)

  • Students will be able to create a strong base for the science and math’s subjects which can help them in the board exams in class X as well.
  • With the help of the interactive learning process, students can clear their doubts, associate their learning with the schema knowledge and ask questions again to facilitate the discussion.
  • The course is prepared in such a way that it covers all the vital subjects that are essential in the competitive exams and helps the students to develop an understanding of the subject and achieve success in competitive exams as well.
  • The course focuses on the learning resources and materials so that the students can retrieve information and retain them as and when required.


  • Online


  • 1 year

Scholarship Availability

  • Yes

EMI Facility

  • Yes


The course is mainly designed for class IX students. The course is tagged as a dual-subject plan that mainly focuses on science and mathematics subjects. This program will combine any two subjects for the course to be delivered.

The course duration is on a yearly basis.

For enhancing the student's experience and developing their knowledge about the subjects, various teaching methods are used in this course. For instance, interactive sessions with the students for clarifying their doubts and asking questions to their mentors. The online learning resources will seem to be beneficial for the students as they are available all the time and can be used anywhere anytime.

The student ratio is low in this course as the teacher wants to provide full attention to developing their concepts and discussing their doubts very vigilantly. The teachers assigned to this role are experienced and will help upgrade students' knowledge.

Course timing

  • time Start-date:  01-04-2023
  • time End-date:  11-04-2024
Fees Name Amount
Admission Fee 0
Course Fees 28,000

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