Course Overview

The program is designed in a way to provide a strong understanding of Physics to the students. This program helps students to retain information about the scientific aspects related to the subject. It covers all the relevant topics that are involved in the class 8 syllabus such as pressure, force, the reflection of light and many more. This program focuses on helping students to prepare for their exams in advance through various helpful study materials and assessments. These assessments are usually self-evaluation that allows students to focus on the areas they need to improve. 

Students who can attend

  • Students of class VIII are eligible for the course 

Benefits of Padhashala's Physics(CLASS IX)

  • The program of interactive learning and teaching methods allows learners into asking questions and clearing their doubts directly.
  • This program offers tests and quizzes that help in self-evaluating the students which contribute to their understanding of the areas that need improvement.
  • The hands-on activities and practical assessments allow the students to gain a dependent understanding of the complex concepts and formulas in Physics.
  • The program is designed in a way that the lectures are highly comprehensible and has students in understanding complex concepts of Physics in an easier way.


  • Online


  • 1 year

Scholarship Availability

  • Yes

EMI Facility

  • Yes


It uses interactive learning that offers students with flexibility and a personalised learning process.

The classes are kept usually smaller for the faculty to be able to easily handle them.

All the topics in the Class VIII syllabus are covered in the program.

The total costs of course is 42000.

Course timing

  • time Start-date:  29-03-2023
  • time End-date:  28-03-2024
Fees Name Amount
Admission Fee 0
Course Fees 14,000

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